3/8" BSP - 2-way normally closed S.Steel assisted lift solenoid valve - 12mm orifice FPM seal
3/8" BSP - 2-way normally closed S.Steel assisted lift solenoid valve - 12mm orifice FPM seal
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Normally closed servo assisted stainless steel solenoid valve supplied without solenoid coil, typically used with compressed air, steam, petrol, diesel, other oil-based fluids.

Orifice (mm): 12
Pressure range(bar): 0.15 - 15 bar
Seal type: FPM
Supplied without coil: requires Type 3
Connector type: CNE small sold separately

The Series 177 is a line of 2 way normally closed solenoid valves in 316 stainless steel with a servo-assisted diaphragm. The series 177 are almost completely constructed in stainless steel, the body in 316 stainless while the plunger (moving armature) and core (fixed armature) are produced in a magnetic grade of stainless steel. The size of these valves ranges from 3/8”G (BSP) to 1”G (BSP). Because of ACL’s experience in producing this type of valve, most members of the 177 series will operate from a minimum differential pressure as low as 0.15 bar (approx. 2psi).

For the diaphragm, armature seal ACL offer a choice of seal materials – NBR (Buna, nitrile), FPM (FKM) EPDM and WRAS EPDM. Nitrile provides a cost-effective seal for air and water use, FPM is well suited to vacuum and mineral oil based media while EPDM is suitable for water, hot water and glycol based fluids, EPDM should not be used with oil based liquids.

Minimum differential pressure 0.15 bar, maximum allowable pressure 25 bar. The maximum allowable pressure PS for steam is 2,5bar (gauge pressure). Maximum fluid viscosity 25cSt (mm ²/s)

Options (call Beta Valve sales office for details):

Manual override
Food approval seal material
Series 7 explosion proof coil according to ATEX - EExmII
Version with slow closing diaphragm
Version for use with oxygen
Silver shading ring
UL certified coils

The series 177 can be used with fluids compatible with the materials of construction with a viscosity not exceeding 25cSt (mm ²/s).

ACL's standard Type 3 coils are used for the 177 series valves. These coils offer a choice of standard direct current and operating voltages from 12V to 48V (DC) and 380V (AC). These coils are designed for continuous duty (100%ED) at the rated maximum ambient temperature.

ACL offer a choice of solenoid coil insulation class - class F coils which allow the valve to be used in an ambient temperature range of between -10°C +55°C and class H coils which increase the maximum allowable ambient temperature to +80°C. These coils are designed to be used according to type with DIN 46244 or DIN 43650A electrical connectors; with the connector fitted they offer IP65 protection and IP00 without connector. For hazardous areas ATEX certified explosion proof coils are available to EExmII (Type 7 - see A177 range ).

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