277 Series

The 277 series are normally open servo-assisted (also known as pilot operated) solenoid valves. These offer the benefits of significantly lower cost and power consumption when compared with direct acting valves able to give the same performance in terms of flow rate and maximum operating pressure.  Because they require a minimum pressure to open the diaphragm servo-assisted valves are only suitable for use in situations where the inlet pressure is unlikely to fall below the minimum differential pressure quoted by the maker.  A significant advantage of the 277 series is that for most sizes the ACL series 277 solenoid valves require a minimum differential pressure of only 0.15 bar making them usable in a wide range of fluid control applications.  The 277 series is available with a wide choice of seal materials, the solenoid coil can be fitted with an IP65 DIN connector to provide environmental protection.  As with all servo assisted solenoid valves the need for a small diameter equalisation hole in the diaphragm means that they should be protected by a pre-filter if dirt or rust particles are likely to be present in the media.

Now available with WRAS seal material. Click to find out more.


from 3/8" - 1" BSP


Body and cover: Stainless steel
Armature tube: Stainless steel
Plunger and core: Stainless steel
Springs: Stainless steel
Seal material: NBR - FPM - EPDM - WRAS EPDM


Minimum differential pressure 0.15 bar
Maximum allowable pressure 25 bar**
Maximum fluid viscosity 25cSt (mm ²/s)
Ambient temperature rating: with class F coil -10°C +55°C
             with class H coil -10°C +80°C
Preferred mounting position: with vertical coil above.


Food approval seal material
Series 7 explosion proof coil according to ATEX - EExmII
Version with slow closing diaphragm
Version for use with oxygen
Silver shading ring
UL certified coils

N.B. Unless a voltage is stated in the description our ACL valves are NOT supplied with coils. 

1/2" BSP - 2-way normally open S.Steel assisted lift solenoid valve - 12mm orifice EPDM seal
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Our Price: 532.64
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3/4" BSP - 2-way normally open S.Steel assisted lift solenoid valve - 18mm orifice FPM seal
Stock Code: E277EV18
Our Price: 644.66
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