The R Universal Series

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A truly groundbreaking series of fluid components.

Universal R Series example

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  • Each element of the R-Universal Series has a common length of 40mm, this is intended to simplify the planning of the complete assembly.
  • Each body can be used to house any of the water control elements that form the RPE R-Series. This includes:
    o    Solenoid valves,
    o    Pressure reducers,
    o    Flow sensors
    o    Filters.
  • All the R-Universal series components can be supplied manufactured in material certified for use with potable water.
  • The various bodies, functional elements and fittings can be combined to produce an almost unlimited range of assemblies. Each with its own components, inlets, outlets and geometry.

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Valve Bodies

The R-Universal Series is based around three Valve Bodies types A, B and C.

Fluid connections to these bodies are via robust bayonet joints each with an O-ring seal (for clarity the O-rings have been omitted from the pictures in this presentation). The use of a bayonet joint allows the different water control elements of the R-Universal series to be connected to one another without the use of tools. For production use the bayonet incorporates a locking tab that prevents the connection from coming apart.  When used in development or training applications the tabs can be removed to allow easy disassembly.

  • Body A is a simple two – two valve body with a single inlet and a single outlet in an inline arrangement – flow through this outlet can be controlled by a solenoid valve.
  • Body B is similar to A but has a second outlet at 90 degrees to the inlet – this outlet can be controlled by a solenoid valve. Flow through the in-line outlet is uncontrolled and can be used to provide a supply for the next element in the system.
  • Valve Body C is identical to B but the controlled outlet branches to the right rather than the left.


Fittings for the R-Universal series are classed as inlets or outlets

Inlet fittings are available as:Universal Series Example

  • 10 and 15mm hosetails
  • 3/4” male and female threaded BSP
  • 10mm John Guest push-fit
  • 1/2” male threaded
  • 8mm John Guest push-fit inlets.

With outlet fittings available as:

  • 10 and 15 mm Hose tails
  • 3/4” male and female BSP threaded
  • 8 and 10 mm John Guest push-fit
  • 1/2” male threaded outlet.


T / L Fitting

The tee and “L” fittings allow the functional elements of the R-Universal series to be flexibly combined together to produce a wide assortment of assemblies for different applications.

The tee fittings are available in two versions: outlet-inlet-outlet and inlet-outlet-inlet.

Fluid management components

As well as solenoid valves the Universal R Series includes other functional elements, including: flow sensors, pressure reducers and filters all produced by RPE.

A blanking cap is also available which allows an “empty” body to be incorporated into an assembly either for possible future use or to act as a “spacer” so that the assembly has the required footprint.

Connections fittings

As well as being used with the A, B and C bodies the R-Universal series inlet and outlet fittings can be combined together in pairs to produce special fittings by coupling one style of “inlet” with another style of “outlet”.:

When used in this way the label inlet or outlet is irrelevant as flow through these pairs of fittings is bi-directional.

For example:

3/4” female threaded to 10 mm hose tail
3/4” male threaded to 10 mm John Guest push-fit
3/4” female threaded to 8 mm John Guest push-fit

The use of the R-Universal fittings in this way is especially useful in a service or development situation where just 12 different fittings can be used to produce 36 combinations of inlet and outlet.


Combining R-Universal series inlet and outlet fittings with tee and L fittings makes it possible to produce special custom manifolds easily and quickly without the use of tools.

More than 40 years of experience…

RPE was founded in 1971, by it’s current president - Giuliano Ravazzani.

Initially the company produced solenoid operated locks and electro mechanical programmers for the booming Italian washing machine industry. Then they began their great adventure in the world of solenoid valves!

In the early 1980’s the factory was equipped with plastic moulding machines and coil winders. This set the pattern for the vast future expansion of their production resources resulting in the company’s immense production capability of today.

Since those early times RPE have made a continuous investment, not just in production, but also in design and quality.

Product certification is another area that has seen heavy investment for both food and electrical safety making the RPE brand a quality benchmark in the international market for solenoid valves.

Quality made in Italy

All of RPE’s valves & solenoids are designed and manufactured in Italy at their modern factory based in Carbonate, about 30 km from the centre of Milan.

RPE’s goal is to always provide to all their customers the best solution, in terms of: performance, durability and innovation.

If you think you may have an application for the RPE R-Universal series and you would like to discuss your requirements please contact Beta Valve by either calling 01494 459511 or email

Universal Series Example