12 Universal Series fittings produce 36 different combinations of pipe connection

RPE Universal Fittings allow a wide range of couplings to be produced from standard parts


  • 36 combinations of pipe connection from 12 parts for reduced stock holding
  • Bayonet and o-ring seal system for quickly and securely assembly
  • In permanent applications security tab locks fitting securely together

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RPE Universal Series fittings brochure These versatile water pipe fittings are part of the  modular UNIVERSAL SERIES. Used in pairs to provide a useful range of fitting adaptors that includes threaded BSP, John Guest push-fit and hosetail fittings.

The two halves to the adaptor connect using a bayonet and O-ring seal system which interlocks each pair of fittings quickly and securely.

For OEMs Beta Valve can supply the UNIVERSAL FITTINGS range, these are ready configured sets of adaptors that from the UNIVERSAL SERIES allowing production staff to quickly and effectively connect a wide range of pipe sizes.
Just 12 fitting can produce 36 different combinations of pipe connection this reduces the requirement to hold large stocks of parts to cater for every eventuality.

Intended for:

R&D Engineers – allows quick production of prototypes and “one offs” from stock parts.
Production – reduced component count for connecting dissimilar pipe sizes or types..
Installation and service engineers – reduces van stock.

The currently available fittings are:

  • ½” BSP male
  • ¾” BSP male
  • ¾” BSP female
  • 8 mm John Guest push-fit
  • 10 mm John Guest push-fit
  • 10 mm hose tail

Using just 12 fitting 36 different combinations of pipe connection can be produced

These include: 1/2 bsp male to male, 3/4 bsp male to male, 3/4 bsp female to hose tail, 3/4 female to 3/4 female connector, 3/4 bsp  female to 8 or 10mm John Guest push-fit.  Click through to our online shop to see the whole range.


Application for the Universal Series fittings

In order to reduce energy consumption whilst carrying out a program of valve testing it was decided to use an existing heat exchanger that had been languishing in our test room to extract heat from waste hot water.

Our test technician Peter quickly solved the problem of connecting the heat exchanger’s 8-mm copper tube inlet and outlet to the test boiler’s 10-mm i.d flexible hose cold water supply by using the Universal Series RU31UB with John Guest push-in 8mm ends and a RU31UI 10mm hose tail..

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