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Beta offer a range of valves for use on compressed air, manufactured by ACL srl a leading European manufacturer of solenoid valves. ACL’s valves for pneumatic applications are used worldwide in a variety of industrial sectors: water treatment, industrial process control, medical equipment, road and rail transportation and many others.

  • Suitable for air service in a wide variety applications
  • Manufactured by an established and reputable European company.
  • UK stock and technical support from an experienced authorised reseller

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Beta Valve stock a whole host of pneumatic 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves.  We also stock pneumatically actuated valves for use on air, water and other media.  Our solenoid valves fall into two main classes direct acting and servo assisted.

2-way Direct Acting Air Solenoid Valves

Our 2-way direct acting solenoid valves have 2 ports and two operating states (open and closed). In pneumatic applications they are used to control the air supply to the whole unit or part of the pneumatic circuit.  Normally closed versions are closed until they are energized and normally open valves remain open until energised. Advantages of the direct acting valves is their small size, fast operating times and their ability to operate over a range of pressures from zero to the valves maximum rated pressure.

Available with port sizes from M5 to 3/4" BSP.

3-way Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

ACL’s 3-way valves have 3 ports and two operating states (open and closed), in pneumatics they are primarily used to convert an on-off electrical signal into a pneumatic signal used to pilot (or actuate) either a pneumatic cylinder or the pneumatic actuator of a larger valve. The 3-port configuration allows air to be vented from the the cylinder (or actuator) via the valve’s exhaust port. ACL’s 3-way valves are available with 1/8” or 1/4” threaded ports.  Also available are miniature manifold mounting solenoid valves which allow several valves to be banked together in a small space. Most styles are available in normally closed and normally open versions. Exhaust performance is often enhanced by the use of a quick exhaust valve.

2- way Servo Assisted Valves

Also known as pilot operated valves, servo-assisted solenoid valves offer the benefits of significantly lower cost and power consumption when compared with direct acting valves that offer the same performance in terms of flow rate and maximum operating pressure, especially in larger valve sizes. Servo assisted solenoid valves do require a minimum pressure to fully open the diaphragm. However since most sizes of the  ACL series E107 solenoid valves require a minimum differential pressure of only 0.1 bar they can be used in a very wide range of control applications. Maximum operating pressure is 10 – 25 bar (depending on size). Versions for vacuum use are also available.

Coaxial Valves

Compared with conventional solenoid valves co-axial valves offer high performance in terms of maximum operating pressure and flow characteristics.  The simplified construction of coaxial valves means that these valves offer the prospect of a long, maintenance free service life. As well as solenoid operated types Beta also offers air actuated coaxial valves.  

Actuated Valves

Air actuated valves allow the valve to be placed remotely from the electrical control equipment. This has attractions in a number of industrial applications where  the valve is required to be used in an area where the presence of electrical equipment is undesirable such as where there is a hazardous, or potentially hazardous atmosphere, or where the equipment is exposed to water jets.  Beta offers angle seat pattern, co-axial and inline air actuated valves.

So many valves so many uses...

Our general-purpose brass solenoid valves from ACL srl are suitable for a wide range of uses including air (pneumatics), oxygen, vacuum, water, steam, light oils and neutral gases. Over the past 35-years we’ve seen these valves used in 100’s of applications from children's play equipment, through high pressure cleaners to controlling oil burners and special equipment on commercial vehicles.

Possibly the biggest single project using ACL’s 107 valves was as part of the system that monitors the fire sprinklers at Heathrow Airports Terminal Five, helping to protect 30 million travellers every year.

If your project requires a solenoid valve we can almost certainly offer a solution, either straight from ACL’s catalogue or by working with their technical department to produce a special version.

A Supplier You Can Trust

With over 30 year's experience in the supply of solenoid valves and other fluid control products Beta Valve Systems can supply products from some of Europe's leading component manufacturers to meet your requirements in the areas solenoid valves, water meters, water filtration and pipe fittings.

Since 1991 we have produced our own range of solenoid valves which have been used in applications such as drinks vending industry, gas analysers, floor washers and hydroponics

We place our customers at the centre of everything we do and strive to provide the highest quality products and service. We offer full technical support, from providing product data sheets straight from our website, to expert technical advice by email, phone or personal visit. Close ties with the manufacturers gives us direct access to our suppliers technical staff too.

To support your development or production requirements we can ship most ex-stock orders the same day from our extensive UK stocks. We also provide logistical support by holding buffer stock against call-offs and scheduled orders.

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