ACL Type 5 solenoid coil 240V AC - Class H
ACL Type 5 solenoid coil 240V AC - Class H
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Type 5 solenoid coil for ACL valves, type 106, 108, 109,206, 110 and 210.

Voltage: 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 30VA
Insulation class: H
Duty Cycle:100%
Supplied without Connector: requires CNE large

The Series 5 range is a line of encapsulated solenoid coils suitable for ACL brass and stainless-steel solenoid valves including the popular E106, E206 and their stainless steel versions the E110 and E210. The extra pulling power of the Series 5 coils is especially useful in the assisted lift E108 and direct-acting E109 solenoid valves.

The Series 5 solenoid coils incorporate a Zinc-plated steel flux bracket. The coil is secured on the solenoid valve by a central nut (supplied with valve).

Electrical connection according to DIN 43650A, Beta's standard connector for this coil is the type CNE large.

As standard all Series 5 coils offer Class H insulation, being encapsulated in Fibre-glass Polyarylamide. The coil windings are copper covered with class H insulation.

    OPTIONS (Contact Beta sales office 01494 459 511):
  • Electrical connection through cable
  • Special coil powers
  • Special coil voltages
  • Self-extinguishing encapsulation

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