1/8" BSP inlet M5 outlet normally open Brass solenoid valve - 1.5mm orifice FPM seal - 240V AC
1/8" BSP inlet M5 outlet normally open Brass solenoid valve - 1.5mm orifice FPM seal - 240V AC
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Normally closed 2 way direct acting brass solenoid valve supplied without solenoid coil, suitable for air, vacuum, hot/cold water, glycol based fluids and other non-corrosive fluids. EPDM should not be used with oil based liquids.

Orifice (mm): 1.5
Pressure range(bar): 0-16 bar
Seal type: FPM
Connector type: requires CNE small 

The Series 204 is a proven range of 2 way normally open solenoid valves. The 204 is distinguished by its in-line configuration which gives the valve a very small form- factor.

The 204 features a compact brass body and armature tube. The moving armature and the fixed armature (core) are produced from magnetic stainless steel.

The armature seal and armature tube O-rings can be supplied in a choice of material; NBR (buna , nitrile), EPDM or FPM.

The maximum allowable pressure: max working pressure +10%.

Options (call Beta Valve sales office for details):

Stainless steel armature tube
Electroless nickel plating
Explosion proof coil according to ATEX - EExmII Series 7
User port with hosetail connection
UL certified coils

Orifice size from 1.5 mm to 1.7 mm, these valves will operate from zero pressure, the smallest standard orifice of 1.5 mm allows the valve to operate up to 16 bar.

Example product code: E204AB17///301 NBR seal , coil 24V DC

ACL's standard Type 3 coils are compatible with the 204 series , these coils offer a choice of standard direct current and operating voltages from 12V to 48V (DC) and 380V (AC). These coils are designed for continuous duty (100%ED) at the rated maximum ambient temperature.

ACL produce both class F and class H coils to fit the Series 204, these coils are continuously rated with ED=100%, when fitted with the Class F coils the ambient temperature range is: -10°C +55°C with class H coil the maximum ambient temperature is +80°C.

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