New Micro Series Adaptor

By Admin on Thu 18 January 2018 in NEWS

In this video we introduce the Micro Series of valves from RPE and explain how the new Micro Series Adaptor has made this an even more versatile solenoid valve. We have even shared some example applications. For more information email

For those who are hard of hearing or are unable to listen to the video there is a transcript below.




The RPE Micro valve adaptor allows it to fit any R Series valve body whether it is 90° or 180°

Using a new adaptor, RPE Micro Series solenoid valves can be fitted onto any R Series valve body.

The RPE micro solenoid valve is available in either latching or normally closed versions.

The latching bistable type is available with 3, 4.5 or 6 volt coils and the normally closed version has a 12 volt DC Coil

For its small size the micro valve offers a high flow coefficient of 24.3 litres a minute, that’s 1.46 cubic metres per hour.

A great feature of the micro series is it’s low power consumption of just one watt. And this is for a valve with an 8-mm orifice, capable of operating with a maximum differential pressure of 10 bar.

The micro series is approved to KTW and ACS standards.


RPE R Series body

R Series valves are well known for their excellent build quality. There are a large number of valve body styles with different configurations and hydraulic connection types and sizes.

All the materials of construction are internationally certified for drinking water use.


Micro RPE on R Series body

The adaptor makes fitting the Micro Valve onto a standard R Series body easy.

  • The adaptor eliminates the need for a special housing for the micro valve
  • This can provide an ideal solution for wall mounted boxes as used in water saving devices.


Adaptor for Micro RPE valve

Once the R Series body has been selected there are just three simple steps

  1. Install the r-series body, with the adaptor already fitted
  2. Flush the system
  3. Mount the micro solenoid valve


Example Universal Series with Integrated Filter

The Micro Valve and adaptor are compatible with the RPE Universal series of modular solenoid valves and other water control components.

This is an example of a special valve and filter assembly, with a serviceable inlet filter and a micro solenoid valve for control

The assembly has a male threaded inlet and outlet and is produced entirely from standard catalogue components.


Special and customized solutions

RPE can also integrate the Micro Series valve in to special custom assembles.

Please contact: or call 01494 459 511 for more information or a quotation.