New PWM coil protector from RPE

By Admin on Tue 14 November 2017 in NEWS

PWM board


The PWM (pulse width modulating) board from RPE is a clever and compact solution to prevent the overheating of solenoid valves and a reduction in electro magnetic pollution (EMC). This is especially useful in high temperature applications and can be fitted easily onto existing RPE solenoid valves with direct faston tag push fitting. Available in 24V DC and 230V versions.

PWM board on solenoid valve


Inrush time: 500ms +/- 5%
In rush current: 480mA +/- 5%
Peak current: (10mS): 800mA +/-5%
Start up time: 2 mS +/- 5%
Stop time(output fall time): 100 µs +/- 5%
Load inductance: 110 mH +/- 5%



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