Plastic Solenoid Valves

RPE produce a wide range of plastic solenoid valves for water

  • Wide range of sizes from 1/8" - 3" BSP, mostly stocked in the UK
  • Plastic solenoid valves for water control in irrigation, domestic appliances, electric taps, showers, water saving equipment and general industrial use.
  • Variety of pipe connection, BSP threaded male and female, hosetail, push-fit
  • 2-way and 3-way designs
  • Standard AC Mains voltages, low voltage AC and DC operation
  • WRAS approved types for mains water use
  • Also see Beta Valve's own drinks dispense solenoid valves for vending

Beta Valve supply a wide range of plastic bodied solenoid valves from 1/8" direct acting to 3" BSP servo assisted types. These valves are being used to control water in many different applications including domestic appliances, vending machines, electric taps, irrigation systems and general industrial water supply applications. Solenoid valves with plastic bodies have three main advantages over those with metal bodies:

  • Cost: typically plastic valves are much lower cost than brass or stainless steel valves.
  • Lower weight: not only does this reduce the weight of the finished equipment it also simplifies valve mounting.
  • Food use: those manufactured with food grade plastics are internationally accepted for use with potable water and food stuffs, some countries restrict the use of machined brass when used on drinking water.
Plastic bodied valves can also be supplied with dry-armature construction, also known as media separated – in these solenoid valves there is no contact between the media and any metal parts of the valve. This is especially useful for uses where corrosive chemicals might be encountered– such as when descaling drinks machines. Many of these valves are available with a choice of NBR (Buna-N), silicone or EPDM seals. Most models can be supplied as normally closed, normally open or latching types. WRAS, KTW and UL approved versions of many types are available. Designed and manufactured in Europe by ACL and RPE leading solenoid valve manufacturers with world-wide reputations for innovation and quality.

R Series Appliance Solenoid Valves

The R Series manufactured by RPE srl, are mainly used as mains water inlet solenoid valves for domestic or commercial appliances, or indeed any application where control of water from the mains supply is needed for a piece of equipment. The R Series design features the use of a ¾”G (BSP) male threaded inlet connection that will allow connection with a standard “washing machine” type supply hose. Advantages of the R Series include:

  • Wide choice of outlet size and styles – including hosetail, John Guest push-fit and male threaded.
  • Standard plastic mesh inlet strainer to protect the valve from solids in the water.
  • Range of inlet and outlet flow controls – designed to give a consistant flow even where the inlet pressure fluctuates.
  • Designed for simple through-hole fixing using an optional metal or plastic bracket
  • Servo-valve operation that reduces water hammer making the valve suitable for use in domestic situations that are sensitive to noise.
  • Available in single, double, triple and quad valve configurations with the outlets orientated at 90 or 180 degrees to the inlet..
  • WRAS approved for direct connection the UK water supply.
  • UL approved coils available.
  • Simple robust construction with glass-filled nylon body.

R Mini Series - Normally Closed Solenoid Valves

The R Mini Series of plastic bodied solenoid valves were developed to provide a range of cost effective and compact inline water control solenoid valves for a growing and demanding market in technology driven products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This versatile range is now our most popular product line.

Available with inlet and outlet ports in a range of sizes and styles – including male and female threaded ports from 1/8" to 1/2" and male 3/4" threaded G (BSP), 6-mm to 15-mm John Guest push fit connections and hose tails. R Series valves are also available with a ¾” G captive nut that allows easy connection to a fixed ¾” male threaded fitting.

The R Mini Series are available for 12 and 24v a.c and all standard a.c.mains voltages, low voltage 12v and 24v d.c coils. As standard the R Mini Series valves are fitted with an nbr(Buna-n) diaphragm with silicone available as an option. The R Mini Series are WRAS approved for use with potable water.

R Mini Series - Normally Open Solenoid Valves

Offer the same compact design as the normally closed Mini R series valves but with the normally-open (power to close) functionality.

R Mini Series - Latching Solenoid Valves

Because these bistable (latching) solenoid valves require only a short electrical pulse to change the state of the valve from open to closed and closed to open they are especially suited to battery-powered equipment such as automatic taps and water saver devices.

The 1175 version which features the use of John Guest 15-mm push-fit fittings have been exceptionally successful in the UK for more than 20 years in plumbing applications. This version is now available in a WRAS approved version.

Seconda Series Irrigation Solenoid Valves

Simple and cost-effective, the Seconda series was designed specifically for use in small-scale irrigation projects in gardens, greenhouses and nurseries. Each valve has a manual control which allows the opening and closing of the valve when it is unpowered. The Seconda series also incorporates a special feature designed to resist the effect of dirt in the water supply, this is especially useful when using raw borehole or recycled water.

Terza Series - Normally Closed Solenoid Valves

The Terza (3rd) series is a line of robust solenoid valves are designed for professional irrigation and general industrial water control. These water solenoid valves are also widely used in the sanitary market as toilet flush valves thanks to their fast opening and high flow rate, they are resistant to water hammer up to 80 bar. The standard versions are rated to work up to 10 bar pressure, for uses where the water supply can only provide a very small head of water low pressure versions are available in some sizes.

As standard these valves incorporate a manual override that can open and close the valve when unpowered.

Each valve also incorporates an adjustable flow control, this allows the flow of water through the valve to be limited, it also makes it possible to eliminate noisy erratic operation in situations where the valve is actually oversized for the application and where, when the valve opens it causes the inlet pressure to drop so far that the differential pressure across the valve is significantly below 0.5 bar, which is the minimum differential pressure required to keep the valve fully open.

Selected sizes of the Terza series are WRAS approved for cold and hot water use allowing these solenoid valve to be connected directly to the UK mains water supply.

Direct Acting Plastic Solenoid Valves

These poppet solenoid valves are available as normally closed, normally open and latching configurations. Beta stock both wet and dry armature (media seperated) designs. All direct acting solenoid valves are suitable for operation with an inlet pressure of zero upto the valve's maximum working pressure. We can supply plastic bodied direct acting valves with a wide variety of inlet and outlet port sizes and styles including threaded, push-fit (push-in) and hosetail pipe connections. These versatile valves are used in a wide range of applications including coffee machines, spa-baths and chemical dosing equipment.

MICRO Series Solenoid Valves for Taps

These compact solenoid valves, with central inlet (with an integral protective filter), side outlet and simple threaded mounting method, were especially designed for oem tap manufacturers to use in automatic-electronic faucets (taps). The MICRO series features low power consumption, low voltage coils from 3 to 12v, with both normally-closed and latching versions available. With their modest power requiments the latching versions are especially suitable for battery powered operation. The compact dimensions of the MICRO series also makes them attractive for use in other applications where high density of solenoid valve packing is required making space and size critical considerations.

R Steam Series Solenoid Valves

These normally- closed solenoid valves have been designed to control steam and high-temperature fluid in applications such as coffee makers and domestic steam cleaners and steam irons. The reliability of these dry-armature (media-separated) solenoid valves is ensured by the use a high performance sulfone polymer for the valve body and RPE's innovative and patented lime scale-proof system.

3-Way Solenoid Valves

Dry-armature solenoid valves for diverting, mixing,normally closed control with vent or normally open with vent these dry-armature (media-separated) solenoid valves are designed to suit many applications that require a 3/2 valve function.