Dialog3G Slashes Sub-Meter Reading Costs for Site Wide Water Metering

Dialog 3G Meter Reading

Arad has a proven reputation for high quality and precision in measuring, reading, collecting, transmitting and managing data from water metering to billing systems, offering its clients the world's most advanced water automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions.

Millions of Arad’s water meters are installed worldwide and the company manufactures over 500,000 units a year, which had made Arad into one of the leading companies in the global water measuring industry.

  • Accurate automatic sub-meter reading
  • Alerts to identify leakage and burst pipes
  • Fair apportionment of water costs to users
  • Simple wireless connection
  • Reduce lost water by up to 75%

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Arad’s Dialog3G system is a complete wireless meter-reading solution especially suited to sites with multiple sub-meters, such as apartment buildings, mobile home parks, industrial estates and shopping centres, allowing site managers and water suppliers to automatically monitor remote water meters in real time.
Based on Arad’s innovative AMR/AMI (automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructure) Control System Dialog3G automatically collects water consumption data from a wireless equipped water meters via a data concentrator for onward transmission via the mobile phone network to a PC running Arad’s CityMInd Meter Data Management software. Key benefits include;

  • Proven success in reducing non revenue water (NRW) significantly
  • Already installed worldwide in hundreds of sites   
  • Real-time information and multiple real-time alerts
  • Highly accurate and reliable data collection
  • Compatible with most billing systems
  • Wide variety of features for reports and statistical analysisArad’s solutions combine extensive experience and advanced wireless abilities with powerful Meter Data Management software tools. The advanced system requires no physical access or visual inspection of meters and provides real time alerts for problems like water loss or pipe breakage.

The system consists of the following:

  • Wireless transmitting meters
  • Data collector with cellular connection (a DC100 will wirelessly connect to up to 100 meters within 0.5km)
  • CityMind Meter Data Management software package

Many users around the world are already reducing costs by identifying unnecessary loss of water and automating the manual reading of meters.

ARAD Case Study

Kfar Saba Water Cooperation, Israel

Although the water Cooperation had a very good system to begin with, they decided in 2007 to move from manual reading to remote reading (AMI). In  teamwork  with  Arad  an  action  plan  was  worked  out  for  the  transition  from  manual  reading  to  Arads Dialog3G remote reading system. By moving to Arads Dialog3G remote reading system Kfar Saba Water Cooperation improved customer satisfaction and discovered a drop in non-revenue water by 3.5%. Read the full case study here >

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