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Gladiator Water Meter

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Specially designed for high accuracy and wide flow measuring range.  Like all Arad meters the Gladiator features a sealed super-dry register with magnetic coupling to the measuring chamber.
The register is available with the following options: regular straight reading(dial-only), with Arad’s wireless Dialog3G connectivity, or Optical Encoder - with open collector/drain/output, the latter ideal for process control, chemical dosing etc.

The use of the positive displacement measurement principle allows the Gladiator to be installed in any position (horizontal, vertical or inclined), this is especially useful when installing in situations where the use of a meter had not been planned.
The Gladiator uses a lightweight by highly reinforced polymer body that allows the meter to be rated for 16 bar use.
The meter is available with a concentric mounting and inline body with 1/2” or 3/4” BSP couplings.




Gladiators Help to Save 5 Million Litres of Water a Day

Arad’s Gladiator water meter was chosen by one of the UK’s largest water supply and wastewater companies.  Supplying 550 million litres of water each day to 1 million customers in one of the UK’s driest regions the in 2010 the company began a 5 year programme to install water meters in 500,000 homes. The aims of the scheme were: to save water, allow more accurate customer billing and to increase the efficiency of the meter reading process.
Arad’s Gladiator meter features a low starting flow rate of only half a litre per hour allowing the smallest of leaks to be identified. . Improved customer awareness of water consumption and the quicker identification and rectification of leaks was expected to produce savings of 5 million litres of water a day with the accompanying saving in energy..
The meters used incorporate a version of Arad’s proven 3G AMR system which allows the meters to be read by using Arad’s receivers mounted on company vehicles, this drive-by system allows meter reading in a large geographical area to be achieved in a short period of time. The consumption data collected is fed directly to the company’s customer billing system.
With each read the meter transmits the previous 10 months history, customers can access this information via a web portal. In the long term the analysis of consumption trends will allow the quick identification of leaks.

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