Taps and sanitary

Sanitary applications

Developed for electronic systems our sanitary solenoid valves are characterized by their compactness and resistance to lime scale build-up. They have high-flow characteristics with special seals ensuring their mechanical performance to be equal to metal-bodied designs. The use of high-temperature polymers ensures high quality and long life under the complex conditions found on these applications. Our solenoid valves from RPE have been built to exacting standards and are available with WRAS and CE certification.

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We  have supply our solenoid valves to well known companies such as Kohler Mira (Kondor), Aqualisa and Gainsborough Showers which means over the years we have built a history of trust and reliability for our products within the market.

Our solenoid valves have been employed in many sanitary market applications such as:Shower head


  • Electronic mixer taps
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Specialised bathing equipment

Dog wash





Other applications also include

  • Banned substance recovery equipment
  • Pet washing systems.





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