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Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters by Arad

The Octave water meter range was developed by Arad to meet the requirements of users needing a bulk water meter able to accurately measure water flow at both high and low flows. Low flow rates being especially important for water companies using water meters to detection leakage in their networks and also for accurate customer billing. Octave ultrasonic water meters use a double beam ultrasonic measuring technique called “sing around” (see below) which gives precise measurement of water flow rates and water volume. Octave ultrasonic meters all feature a rigid construction, with IP68 protection for all the electronic, the battery has a life expectancy of up to 15 years. The complete absence of moving parts results in a very high degree of reliability.  The wide unobstructed flow path through the meter body endows these meters with a very low pressure loss, even at high flows, and also means that Octave water meters are virtually immune to problems caused by solids in the water flow.  All Octave meters are of a compact (single unit) design with a built-in multi-function LCD display showing: volume, flow rate, pulse volume, flow direction and units of measure. They are AMR(automatic meter reading)ready with options for digital volume and analogue flow rate measurement.

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Features of the Octave Range

  •     Dual beam ultrasonic technology for precise and ultra reliable meteringArad Octave Ultrasonic water meter
  •     No moving parts
  •     Excellent long-term stability and reliability
  •     Battery powered - up to 15 years life expectancy
  •     Rugged mechanical design - Submersible (IP68)
  •     Extremely sensitive and accurate measurement at low flows and high flows with a Q3/Q1 flow measuring ratio of R 500 for most types.
  •     Bi-directional - including bi-directional outputs
  •    Wide choice of available output types: analogue, digital pulse, dry-contact, encoder output, Mbus and solid state relay.
  •     Flexible data formats including flow directions, flow rates, volumes and leak detection
  •     Alerts and statistics features
  •     AMR and cellular networks ready
  •     Dual line LCD display
  •     Programmable display (units and outputs resolution)
  •     Can replace combination water meters - Measuring high and low flow in a single unit
  •     WRAS and other world approvals
  •    Configured to customer requirements before delivery

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How Ultrasonic Measurement works


Octave is a revolutionary precise and exceptionally reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter, perfectly suitable for large projects, as key meters in water works and water distribution networks. The Octave combines superior hydraulic characteristics with advanced alert, data and statistical features.

The world’s leading solution for handling bulk flow rates
Diameter sizes from 2” up to 12”
Made with highly durable materials - epoxy coating, cast iron and more
Reliability at the highest level

All of the recognized advantages of Octave, featuring with highly durable materials - cast iron complex, polymeric materials and a variety of new diameter sizes. Suitable for use in medium flow rates from apartment buildings to small neighborhoods/housing projects:

Polymeric version available in diameter sizes 1½” and 2”
Reduced weight to ease load on the plumbing systems and prevent distortions
Low friction sensibility and high durability time
Cost effective
Made from recyclable materials
Sizes 2”- 4” in cast iron complete the range for district uses


The Octave Stainless Steel is especially suited to water metering in challenging environments such as production plants, mining and industrial processes.

Diameter sizes from 1½” to 6”
Reliable operation in harsh environments
Suitable for handling aggressive water in industrial processes
Low friction sensibility and high durability over time

For agricultural appliances the Octave is perfectly suitable as main meter with it’s high accuracy, low headloss, electronic information options and diverse electrical outputs

Diameter sizes from 2” up to 12”
No moving parts
Reliable and accurate


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