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21.03.17 - Do you need a wider flow rate for your water meter?

01.03.17 - Bailey and Mackey and EuroSwitch product clearance. Once they are gone they are gone.....

12.01.17 - Self locking filters - an effective protection from rust and grit in the water.


02.12.16 - Christmas Opening and Delivery.

01.10.16 - Price increase due 1st November 2016.

22.09.16 - Did you know Beta Valve also stock pneumatic valves and components?

14.08.16 - Looking for Professional Water Control Solutions? - Introducing the Seconda Series of valves from RPE.

14.07.16 - Industrial and Manufacturing Valves - ACL Brass and Stainless Steel solenoid valves.

07.07.16 - Beta Valve The UK's Official Supplier of RPE. Can you afford to buy an imitation?

26.06.16 - Reliable Durable & WRAS Approved - The RPE Mini Series.

20.05.16 - Food Certified Valves.

14.04.16 - The Universal Series - RPE have produced a series of interlocking water control components which allow the system designer to quickly assemble the required functions.

29.03.16 - Looking for superior water metering and filtration equipment? Our Arad products include residential water meters, for both hot and cold water, industrial water meters and their flagship ultrasonic meters.

17.03.16 - Need a valve to work at zero pressure? You need a direct acting valve and Beta Valve have them in all shapes and sizes.

25.02.16 - Dispense valves are not just for vending. Beta Valves' dry-armature dispense solenoid valves are designed for both hot and cold water applications.

04.02.16 - RPE Terza Series - High flow rate, low water hammer The obvious choice for professional water control.

18.02.16 - RPE R Mini Series - High performance and durability in a food grade compact solenoid valve.

11.02.16 - RPE R Series - The "classic" range of mains water inlet valves for almost any water control application.

14.01.16 - New Year, New Website.


16.12.15 - Christmas Delivery - 7 Days Left

23.11.15 - Manufactured by RPE srl, the T-Series water dispense - solenoid valves have recently been released for general sale.

16.10.15 - Cintropur® Water Filters - Designed to make a difference.

14.09.15 - Water Meter Edition - WST Series.

25.08.15 - Our Big announcement this month comes in the form of the long awaited RPE Universal Series.

18.07.15 - Faxed Orders No Longer Accepted.

22.06.15 - Prevent Leaks With JG Cartridge Valves.

10.06.15 - Vending News - How to Save On Costs & Increase Machine Service Life.

28.05.15 - Free Delivery - Don't Miss Out

21.05.15 - 5 reasons to love the new flow restrictors from RPE. Over 100 variations to choose from!!! Samples Available Now.

20.04.15 - ACL Plastic Valves - ACL are renowned for their brass and steel valves the world over but did you know they also produce plastic valves?

10.02.15 - The Water Meter Edition - The Octave- a new revolutionary, precise and super reliable ultrasonic bulk water mete

10.01.15 - Happy New Year.