Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 7-11 November 2016

By Admin on Tue 01 November 2016 in NEWS

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week shines a spotlight on engineers and engineering careers. It is an opportunity to highlight to young people the incredible things engineers work on and the range of jobs available in the industry.

New Exclusive Products

By Admin on Fri 12 February 2016 in NEWS

This year RPE have released some new products Exclusively available through Beta Valve Systems Ltd. As the UK representative for RPE and ACL we get exclusive access to their new products which means we can pass this on to you our customers. This year RPE have been very busy bringing out several new products including:

The New RPE Cartridge Valves - Why settle for a 7mm orifice?

By Admin on Tue 02 February 2016 in NEWS

The new RPE MICRO Series of cartridge valves designed for electronic taps offer an 8mm orifice while still operating at pressures up to 10 bar.

RPE Flow Restrictor Cartridge

By Admin on Thu 14 May 2015 in NEWS

These flow controlling cartridges with optional check valves have a compact design making them ideal for use wherever flow reduction or control of the fluid direction is required.