Drinks Dispense and Filtering

Beverage dispense and filtering


Beta Valve has manufactured solenoid valves for the vending and drinks dispense industry for over twenty years for both hot and cold water applications. Supplying these to vending machine manufacturers for use around the world has given us unrivalled experience in the selection and supply of valves for vending/liquid dispense use.

We also supply a wide range of compact valves from RPE which are suitable for use across many types of water dispensing machines. Their design is easy to mount and by utilising the correct materials and assembly methods ensure low noise levels and no taste transfer to the media. R Series Dispense valves have been specifically designed for water and drinks dispensers. These valves have two or three inlets and one outlet. They are specifically designed for handling two different types of liquid such as sparkling and mineral water or cold water and ambient temperature water. As well as dispense valves we can supply a wide range of WRAS approved mains water inlet valves. Our standard range includes single, double, triple and quad valves all available in a wide choice of standard AC and DC voltages. These valves often include the option of hosetail or push-fit pipe connections.

RPE valves are available with certification for use with potable water.

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Series R Dispenser 2 IN 1 OUT Water cooler

Series R Dispenser 3 IN 1 OUT

R Mini Series

R Series Single

R Series Double 

R Series Triple

R Series Quadruple

R Series Componible

R Series Modular

R Series Flow sensor

R Series Dual Flow sensor

R Series Pressure regulator

R Series Filter Coffee and croissants

R Series Dual Filter

Series 700

Series 800

R1 - R100322020PG5

R2 - R200326060JG6

Steam valve V 02

Fittings Pints of beer

Joints for coupling - coming soon 

Cartridge filter  - coming soon 

Coupling with nut





A Supplier You Can Trust

With over 30 year's experience in the supply of solenoid valves and other fluid control products Beta Valve Systems can supply products from some of Europe's leading component manufacturers to meet your requirements in the areas solenoid valves, water meters, water filtration and pipe fittings.

Since 1991 we have produced our own range of solenoid valves which have been used in applications such as drinks vending industry, gas analysers, floor washers and hydroponics.

We place our customers at the centre of everything we do and strive to provide the highest quality products and service. We offer full technical support, from providing product data sheets straight from our website, to expert technical advice by email, phone or personal visit. Close ties with the manufacturers gives us direct access to our suppliers technical staff too.

To support your development or production requirements we can ship most ex-stock orders the same day from our extensive UK stocks. We also provide logistical support by holding buffer stock against call-offs and scheduled orders.

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