Extra Charges to Customers in the European Union

By Jason Bakermault on Tue 02 February 2021 in NEWS

New charges for EU customers following Brexit

Following the end of the Brexit Transition period on 31.12.2020, our EU customers will now be liable for VAT in the destination country and customs clearance charges from the courier.


  • Any customs or VAT charges will depend on the value of the product and where it came from. 

  • Customs charges are the responsibility of the customer, not the Beta Valve. 

  • Duty and destination country VAT cannot be paid in advance and are levied only when the item reaches the destination country. 

  • As a general guide goods with a value over £39 - Under the new rules, anyone in the EU receiving goods from the UK worth more than £39 may now face a bill for import VAT - with many items charged at 20% (depending on the rate charged in the destination country). 

  • Where the goods cost more than £135, customs duties may also apply, (most products sold by Beta Valve originate in the UK or the EU so this should be 0%.) 

  • The extra charges are usually collected by the courier on behalf of the destination country government, customers should expect to pay before they can receive their package. "