Is your coil burnt, cooked, melted or cold when power is turned on.

By Admin on Fri 12 May 2017 in Troubleshooting

A quick and simple guide to troubleshooting your solenoid valve. The possible causes for your burnt out/cooked coil are listed below alongside instructions of how to resolve the issue.

Wrong voltage applied  

  • Check coil marked voltage is correct for the voltage being supplied.
  • Change the solenoid coil for the correct one.
  • Check wiring and wiring diagram.
  • Check voltage tolerance, typically +/- 10% or 15%.

Coil short circuit

  • Check remaining installation for short circuit.
  • Check electrical connections at coil and DIN connector.
  • Check moisture in coil, replace as required. Check IP ingress protection is in accordance to requirements.

Coil armature slow

  • Isolate the electrical supply
  • Drain the system
  • Carefully remove the armature assembly, which will have small internal parts and replace.
  • Install a well ventilated guard to protect the solenoid valve armature.
  • Clean armature assembly or replace.
  • Install a filter, such as our RPE filter assembly to remove debris in media and/or try to mount solenoid valve with armature vertical so any small particle debris will tend to gravitate down and flush out.

Media temperature too high

  • Check media temperature is correct for the solenoid valve specification.
  • Move solenoid valve away from the heat source into a cooler area or increase ventilation