Household Appliances
Household Appliances
Due to many configurations of diaphragms. materials, versions, special features and connections RPE valves are suitable for a wide range of household applications. Valve versions are available with quick connections and have the food certification necessary for their use drinking water applications and in a wide range of food equipment.

RPE have specifically designed Solenoid valves and controllers for irrigating sports grounds and agricultural areas as well as gardens, terraces, verandas and balconies. High quality materials are used in the construction of these solenoid valves to ensure efficiency, long life and reliability. Electronic controllers and programmers are also available and have been designed to provide the highest quality and reliability.

Beta Valve offer an wide range of high performance solenoid valves for industrial applications from ACL, available in direct-operated, servo-operated and assisted lift versions.

Beverages and filtering
Drinks Dispense and Filtering
Beta Valve has manufactured solenoid valves for the vending and drinks dispense industry for over twenty years for both hot and cold water applications. Supplying these to vending machine manufacturers for use around the world has given us unrivalled experience in the selection and supply of valves for vending/liquid dispense use.

Coffee and Steam
Coffee & Steam
Beta Valve stock a range of solenoid valves specifically for use in machines for producing steam such as irons and household water boilers but Beta Valve also supply valves for the distribution of fluids like water either hot or at room temperature.

During manufacture the metal parts of a solenoid valve are exposed to oils, grease and cutting fluids, even after normal industrial cleaning processes small traces may remain. To control oxygen safely all valve and system components in touch with oxygen must be specially cleaned and degreased.

Air, Pneumatic
Beta offer a range of valves for use on compressed air, manufactured by ACL srl a leading European manufacturer of solenoid valves. ACL’s valves for pneumatic applications are used worldwide in a variety of industrial sectors: water treatment, industrial process control, medical equipment, road and rail transportation and many others.

Taps and Sanitary
Developed for electronic systems our sanitary solenoid valves are characterized by their compactness and resistance to lime scale build-up. They have high-flow characteristics with special seals ensuring their mechanical performance to be equal to metal-bodied designs.