Will UV affect produce on a production line?

By Admin on Fri 10 February 2017 in Water Filtration FAQ's

UV sterilisation is becoming increasingly more common due to the stringent regulations within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.....

UV is a clean way of disinfecting water without adding any taste, colour or odour to the final product.

Your product will remain unaltered whilst you can be assured that 99.99% of the bacteria that was present will have been effectively treated. UV sterilisation is mimicking a natural process of UV radiation of the suns rays. Although UV radiation is a great way of disinfecting and killing bacteria, nothing is removed by using this process. The bacteria will remain in the water and will no longer be harmful.

UV Sterilisation is ideal if your water supply is already clear and UV is solely required to disinfect from viruses and bacteria. However is not ideal for liquids with high turbidity as bacteria and viruses can be shielded from the larger particulates suspended within the water. Ideally, a pre filter would be situated before the UV sterilisation unit.